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No-Till Demonstration Farm

In 2020, in partnership with the Centre for No-till Agriculture (CNTA), One Loaf has expanded its demonstration farm featuring a regenerative cropping system. The demo farm serves as a hub for conducting training for students, smallholder farmers, university students, and agriculture extension programs for the Central, Western, and Greater Accra regions. 

Farmers learn about soil health and gain hands-on experience using no-till techniques with mulch, cover crops, intercropping, and minimal use of chemical and synthetic fertilizer. Smallholder farmers can adopt this style of farming at low cost using their own or local labor. Using this method instead of the typical slash and burn approach, farmers are doubling and sometimes tripling their yields burn approach with far less labor.

Our team has begun installing signs throughout our demonstration farm containing QR codes linked to online content, such as articles and instructional videos created by CNTA’s founder and the famed agronomist, Dr. Boa. This technology will enable students and visitors to take self-guided tours using smartphones or tablets.

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